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Welcome to our world of permanent makeup training, 

We offer training in microblade, permanent eyeliner, lipliner and lip blush,
areola restoration and scar camouflage, 


An intensive five-hour training session for either microblade, eyeliner or lip liner
with blush

PRICE: 497.00

On Premises:

The fundamentals of microblade in our clinic.  One-on-one training with our
licensed staff including apprenticeship

Length of training: 130 hours

PRICE: 1,200.00

Eyeliner training: Build your skills in classic eyeliner, cat eye and sparkle shading.
Length of training: 75 hours
PRICE: 975.00

Lip liner/lip blush
Build your skills in lip liner, feather stroke, lip blushing

Length of training: 75 hours
PRICE: 975.00

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